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The Aberdeen Brebner/Bremner Families in 1851

Many of the Aberdeen Brebner/Bremner families arrived in that city during the later years of the industrial revolution with the boom in railway construction in the late 1840s. After the arrival of the railway in Aberdeen in 1855, the population started to grow quickly with the arrival of predominantly farm labourers looking for work in the mechanized textile and ship-building industries in Aberdeen.

1851 was the first detailed census that listed the birthplaces of those enumerated, so that a clearer picture of the orgins of the population of Aberdeen can be determined from this time forward. The accompanying graphic (superimposed on the 1902 Ordnance Survey map) shows the Aberdeen locations of those Brebner/Bremner families; the table below gives their addresses and links to the compiled genealogies. Clicking on the appropriate number on the accompanying map will also download the genealogy.

Families represented with a green dot have been shown to have been in Aberdeen at least as early as 1800, those with an amber dot from 1825 and those with a red dot being the most recent arrivals after 1841 It's interesting to note the proximity of related families.

It's my hope that by seeing a visual representation of their homes within the city, that some conclusions as to linking the groups may be made. Note that of the twenty families represented on the map, the ancestors of only 4 were actually in Aberdeen in 1800.
No. Family Address Origin
1 William Brebner/Jane McSwein 3 Mount Street Aberdeen?, ABD
2 Burnett Brebner/Elizabeth McPherson 11 Forbes Street Glenmuick, ABD
3 David Brebner/Jane Stewart Regent Quay Strachan, KCD
4 James Brebner/Margaret Pirie 9 Albyn Place Durris, KCD
5 William Brebner/Catherine Johnston Mile End Glenmuick, ABD
6 George Brebner (d)/Margaret Sherret 60 Gordon Street Glenmuick, ABD
7 John Brebner/Christian Esslemont 22 Bon Accord Terrace Tarland, ABD
8 John Brebner/Jane Edward 189 Barron Street Aberdeen?, ABD
9 James Brebner (d)/Helen Gordon 65 Langstane Place Glenmuick, ABD
10 John Bremner (d)/Christian Forbes 96 Windmill Brae Aberdeen?, ABD
11 William Brebner/Agnes Chalmers 20 Dee Street Aberdour/New Deer, ABD
12 Jasmes Brebner/Christian Peterkin 21 Shiprow Aberdeen, ABD
13 William Brebner/Elizabeth Annand 81 George Street Leslie, ABD
14 George Brebner/Elizabeth Kilgour 16 Loch Street Leslie, ABD
15 William Bremner/Jane Morrice 36 Park Street Aberdeen, ABD
16 Robert Bremner (d)/Ann Donaldson 7 Albion Street Aberdeen?, ABD
17 Alexander Bremner/Isabella Robertson 52 St. Clement's Street Kinloss, MOR
18 William Brebner/Betty Hunter 30 Commerce Street Stonehaven, KCD
19 Alexander Brebner/Jane Webster 9 Drum's Lane Aberdeen, ABD
20 William Bremner (d)/Margaret Milne North Street? Aberdeen?, ABD
Regent Quay, Aberdeen 2005 Regent Quay, Aberdeen 2005 Bon Accord Square, Aberdeen 2005
Regent Quay, Aberdeen 2005 St. Clement's Street, Aberdeen 2005 Bon Accord Square, Aberdeen 2005
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