St. Machar, Aberdeen George S. Brebner and Elizabeth McKenzie Don Street, Old Aberdeen George S. Brebner and Elizabeth McKenzie Entrance to Spital Cemetery George Brebner and Elizabeth McKenzie John Brebner, 1959 George Brebner and Christian Arthur, 1947 Arthur Brebner, 1941 Home Page
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Scottish/English Canadian Other
Arthur Bremner, author, b 1870 Archibald & Malcolm Bremner, journalists William Bremner,Farmer, Fulton Co., IL; from Tarland, ABD
Sir Alexander Brebner, engineer, Edinburgh Arthur Grant Bremner,Nova Scotia William Hepburn Bremner, railway official and lawyer, Iowa, 1920
Donald Bremner, Commissioner of Police Douglas Brymner, Dominion Archivist  
Lt. Col. Claude E.U. Bremner, Roffey Hurst, Sussex Edward Robert Bremner, lumberman, Ottawa  
James Bremner, engineer, Wick (1784-1856) Ernest Bremner, Salvation Army, Minesing  
Sir James John Gordon Bremer, Rear Admiral George Douglas Brymner, Banker, British Columbia  
Fleet Paymaster John Bremner, Canisbay  
John Brebner of Corskie & Learney  
Sir Nicholas Brembre, Lord Mayor of London, 1388 James Brebner, educationist, Sarnia and Toronto  
Percy James Brebner, author (Christian Lys) London James Greenshields Brymner, RCMP, Prison Warden, British Columbia.  
Robert Bremner, music publisher, Edinburgh & London Lt. Col. John James Bremner, Nova Scotia 1828  
Rory Bremner, Comedian and Impressionist John Bartlet Brebner, author & historian  
Wilfred John Brymer William Brymner,Canadian artist  
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