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Some Tips for searching:
• Please use the searchable BMD/Census records for Brebner/Bremner name searches, and NOT the keyword search below! Every page on the site has either "Brebner" or "Bremner"! If this is your first visit, and you're trying to locate a specific family, I recommend starting with the spouse's surname database. If you know your great-grandmother (or grandmother's) maiden name, then this is the easiest way to determine if a compiled genealogy of your family already exists.
• The address and location database search includes all addresses within the all the BMD and census databases, and shows links to compiled genealogies.
• The keyword search below is the best way to find other names within the 450+ compiled genealogies and text files, including wives/husbands/parents' names that are not indexed in the other database searches.
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