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Brebner/Bremner Researchers Worldwide
Without the help and contributions of dedicated Brebner/Bremner family historians around the world, it would have been impossible to assemble the depth of genealogies found within these pages.

Please enter your e-mail address (case-insensitive) to verify details of your family genealogy:
Not on the Researchers' List? Changed your e-mail address? Please e-mail me with details on your Brebner/Bremner family interests.
I'm always on the look-out for more Brebner/Bremner information, and welcome all submissions. At present, I'm trying to add more information from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America... so if you can help move the project along in these areas, I'd be most grateful.

I'm also interested in any gravestone photographs,monumental inscriptions and old individual photographs that you may come across. Please e-mail me for further details on how you can add to these pages.
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