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Freeholders of the County of Aberdeen, 1832
Parish Name Status Address
Forgue Brebner, Alexander Tenant Cornyhaugh
Fraserburgh Brebner, Thomas P. & Feuar etc. Fraserburgh
Huntly Brebner, George P. Ground etc Huntly
Logie Buchan Brebner, William Tenant Dorbshill
Lonmay Brebner, James Tenant Lums of Crimonmogate
Methlick Brebner, Alexander Tenant Balquindachy
New Deer Brebner, William Tenant Greens of Savoch
Tarland & Migvie Brebner, William Tenant Wester Migvie
Aberdeenshire had 2000 voters in 1832, but this represented only a very small part of the population. For example, while Old Machar had over 20,000 inhabitants at that time, it had only 51 voters. Similarly, county parishes like Strathdon had only 9 voters, Glenbuchat 5, and New Deer 34.


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