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Search for Brebner/Bremner Families by Spouse's Surname
About this database...
If you know the name of a Brebner/Bremner spouse, and the approximate year of their marriage, this search will return all incidences of that surname within ten years of that date.
Current compiled genealogies may be available for many of these results.
Surname of Spouse: Marriage Year: (± 10 yrs) Country:
* *
Search Tips:

* • You must enter a last name.

* • You must enter a year. Note that in the 20th century, there is less chance of finding a match as many spouse's names have not been recorded. Try looking for marriages before 1900 for best results.

• Select "All countries" if you think your ancestor may have been born in a country other than the pre-selected choices, or if your initial selection produced no results.

• Data is being added monthly; please e-mail me if you don't see results here and I'll check my master datasets.

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