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Sending Photographic Images
I welcome digital photographs of any Brebner/Bremner related genealogies, individuals, homes or gravesites. Here are some hints on format and size for sending these.

Original Digital Camera Photos: I'd like these to be as large as your server can handle! I'm on a high speed connection, and can easily accommodate individual files up to 5 Mb. That's probably far larger than any single file, but many e-mail programs don't like sending attachments above that size.

Before you send your image, check the image size. Sizes up to 2500 pixels per side are optimal, this allows for best quality. Send those file in .jpg format, at the highest quality setting that your image manipulation program will allow. Check your camera when taking pictures… storage is now relatively cheap, and taking the photograph at the highest possible resolution allows more options down the road. This is especially true for gravestones where legibility of the inscription is of prime importance.

Scanned Photos: Please scan in either RGB colour (for colour images) or greyscale for black and white images. Even if the image is a printed document, please resist the temptation to scan in 1-bit black and white. Again, scan to a large file size. For example, if you're scanning an 8 x 10 inch photo, scan at 300 dpi. If you have a smaller, wallet-size photo or carte-de-visite style photo, scan at 600 or even 1200 dpi. Please include the entire photo, but without a lot of extraneous space around the image. Don't forget the back of the image if it has details about the people shown on the front!

Many scanners default to a colour scan. This is fine for black and white, but will result in a file that is 3 times larger than the corresponding grayscale image. If you scan a black and white photo in colour, convert it to grayscale and save it as a .tif file. Then, save it as a high quality .jpg file for e-mailing. Many old photographs, especially those made professionally show great detail, and the only way to retain that detail is with a high-resolution scan.

As a matter of course, your master images should always be saved in a .tif lossless format. When you save in a .jpg format, each time that you open and modify the file and re-save in .jpg, the image quality degrades. So do any colour correction and cropping in the master .tif format file and save, then convert to .jpg when ready to e-mail. If you have a large number of files to send, I'd be happy to set up an account for you on my FTP server.

Unless you're proficient at image retouching, don't!

Photo Caption Details: Please be specific when sending attachments as to the contents of each. Names of people in the photo (not just "Great-Uncle Bill") and approximate dates and places are useful. If you've looked at the compiled genealogies of the Brebner/Bremner families, quoting the individual ID number with each individual will make my job a lot easier. You'd be surprised the number of pictures that I receive from people with the only information being "John Brebner". There are quite a number of us out there! If you don't have an ID number, then give at least the parent(s) name(s) and a birthdate.

Any and all photos welcome! Have a look at the portrait and photo database.
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