Volume 2, Issue 1 February 2006    


Thanks to all of you who responded favourably to the first issue of the newsletter published last October. Some of you pointed out alignment problems while printing the web version, which have been overcome in this issue.Type size has also been increased to aid legibility.

Many of you sent detailed multi-page genealogies; other sent copies of photographs (Thanks to Allister Brebner and Cyril Pawley) which I have incorporated into the new individual portrait database.

The winter months here in Canada give me a chance to work on the housekeeping related to maintaining the web-site, including updating genealogies, correcting data and updating mailing lists. Not on the list? Please add my name to the mailing list

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In this Issue...

Featured Living Biographies

In this issue, Id like to premier a new feature...short biographies of living Brebner/Bremner individuals. While fame is one criterion, those individuals who are are high-wire artists, alligator wranglers, musicians or death-row inmates will probably be featured first. Or maybe lawyers...this month showcases Ann Melani Bremner , a high profile US west coast media attorney. Descended from the Botriphnie family of John Bremner and Jane Watt, her ancestors immigrated to the United States about 1840.
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Ann Melani Bremner
What's New ...    

1975-2003 English BMD records updated
William Wilson Bremner (1853-1897) The site recently offered an unlimited search of its BMD records for one year for £50 GBP. That has allowed the updating of English BMD records in the databases to 2003, as well as add quite a number of additional spouses' names to the compiled genealogies. These records will continue to be updated throughout the year.
William Wilson Bremner
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Searchable Portrait Database  
William Brymner, Canadian Artist Over the years I have been accumulating copies of old photographs both of my own Brebner family as well as those of others. The portrait database is now available. You can very quickly search for individuals by first name, see all images of specific individual, or look at all images from that genealogy. I'd welcome any additional images of your early ancestors, as the database is a little heavy with photographs of my own family! I'm most interested in photographs (or paintings) prior to 1930, but if you have more recent images that you'd like me to include, please feel free to send them along. Here are some hints and guidelines for sending images...


William Brymner, Artist
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Compiled Genealogies Update  
The 400+ compiled genealogies are usually updated when new or corrected information is uncovered. However, during the past three months, all the older genealogies that dated from 2003-2004 have been updated. While in many cases there are few changes, you may find additional information within these revised compilations for collateral lines. David Francis Bremner
David Francis Bremner
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