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1696 Poll Tax Records, Aiken in Aberdeenshire
In the latter part of the 17th century, the Scottish economy was in poor shape. Among several unpopular taxes introduced during this period was the Poll Tax that imposed a tax on every person over 16 years of age and not officially a beggar. The list of persons in Aberdeenshire is supposedly the only complete county list still in existence, and enumerates some 30,000 persons.
These entries were transcribed from collections at the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society (ANESFHS), and are available in series of publications.
Presbytery of Ellon
Parish Name Details Address
Foveran Aiken, George married, Grassman Coulter, Cullen
  Aiken, Helen Servant New Milne of Foveran
  Aiken, John married, Tenant Fiddesmore
  Aiken, Robert married, Tenant Fiddesmore
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