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Aiken/Aitken Name Origins
Aiken, Aitken, Aitkin, Aitkins, Atkin, Atkins

"These names are double diminutives of Adam, formed from Ad the diminutive of Adam with the diminutive suffix -kin (OE.cen), and with the d sharpened to t. These names have also been explained as = little Atty or Arthur, but the preceding origin is the more likely one. John of Akyne ('of' here evidently an error), a Scottish merchant, petitioned for the return of his ship and goods illegally seized in England in 1405 (Bain, IV, 712). Andrew Atkin appears as a witness in Aberdeen in 1491 (CRA., p. 406), William Ackin was a witness in Brechin in 1476 (REB., I, 199), Andrew Atkyn is recorded in Aberdeen in 1491 (REA., I, p. 329). Aitkane of Dunsleson was declared innocent of part in the detention of King James III in Edinburgh Castle in 1482 (Lennox, II, p. 123), Thomas Atkyn possessed a tenement in Glasgow in 1497 (REG., 476), John Eckin was a tenent under the bishop of Glasgow in 1513 (Rental), John Ackyne was a bailie of Stirling in 1520 (SBR., p. 274), Robert Aykkyne was admitted burgess of Aberdeen in 1539 (NCSM., I, p. 55), and Samuel Atkins was Commissioner of Supply for the city of Edinburgh, 1655 (APS.). Elspeth and James Aitkine in Darnchester took the oath in 1685 (RPC.,3. ser.x, p. 479). Forms of these names are common in the Commissariot record of Stirling, in the Edinburgh Marriage record, and in the records of the Sherriff Court of Aberdeenshire. Paterson says Aitken is an old surname in the parish of Ballantrae (Ayrshire,p. 87), and in Orkney it is believed to have replaced the Old Norse name Haakon and its derivative Hakonson. Robert Aitken (1734-1832), born in Dalkeith, was commended by resolution of Congress for printing the Bible in the U.S. As forename: Atkyn de Barr and Atkyn Blake both in Ayr c. 1340 (Friars Ayr, p. 15). Atkin Scot in Ettrick, 1456. The oak in the arms of some of the name is merely canting heraldry. The -s of Atkins and Aitkins represents 'son', so these forms are really for ATKINSON, q.v. Ackyn 1521, Ackyne 1524, Aicken 1681, Aickin 1550, Aickine 1674, Aicking 1669, Aitken 1689, Aitkene 1552, Aitkine 1687, Aitkyn 1549, Aitkyne 1658, Aken 1689, Akene 1669, Akin 1693, Akine 1667, Atkine 1667, Aytkine 1669, Aytkyn 1519, Aytkyne 1522, Aikene, Aikun, Aikyne, Aukin. "

from "The Surnames of Scotland" George F. Black 1993 ISBN 1 874744 07 6
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