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Aberdeen Journal, Issue 2240, Monday, 13th December, 1790
" Last week, one William PANTON, a labourer in this place, paid the penalty of 40l. Scots for what is called in Scotch Law "Scorning the kirk". He came to Aberdeen some months ago, with a woman whome he called his wife, who died shortly after in child-bed. In about a month afterwards he was contracted to a young woman here, but before the proclamation of banns was fully out, it was discovered that he had a wife living in Banff, with whom he was lawfully married in 1782, but had deserted her twelvemonth ago, and gone off with the woman with whom he cohabited here. On this detection, he reasonably paid the penalty, rather than stand prosecution."
Aberdeen Journal, Issue 2274, Monday, 8th August, 1791
"Deserted, on the 19th of April last, from his Majesty's XLIInd, or Royal Highland regiment of Foot, Charles ANDERSON, private soldier, 21 years of age, 5 feet 6½ inches high, swarthy complexion, long visage, blue eyes, fair hair, born in the parish of Glenbucket, and shire of Aberdeen, by trade a taylor, was seen lately at Baikie near Glenbucket, he give it out in the country, that he has a pass of furlough, signed by Lieutenant and Adjutant FARQUHARSON, of the above corps, which is a gross forgery, for he has neither pass nor furlough from any officer in the regiment..."
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